Feeding the soil is the first step in feeding us all

About the 4Rs

You’re likely using some of them already. By applying the right fertilizer source at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place, farmers across the country are using the 4Rs to meet and exceed their in-field goals.


See the 4Rs at Work

Hear from fellow growers across the country, who’ve committed to taking their fertilizer practices to the next level.

Advance your 4R fertilizer strategy with best practices to match nutrient supply with crop requirements and minimize nutrient losses from your fields.

“You’re never insulated from the weather, but with the 4R philosophies you can adjust better than you could before.”

David Meyerholtz, 4R Farmer

Right Source

Ensure a balanced supply of essential nutrients, considering both naturally available sources and the characteristics of specific products, in plant-available forms.

Right Rate

Assess and make decisions based on soil nutrient supply and plant demand.

Right Time

Assess and make decisions based on the dynamics of crop uptake, soil supply, nutrient loss risks, and field operation logistics.

Right Place

Address root-soil dynamics and nutrient movement, and manage spatial variability within the field to meet site-specific crop needs and limit potential losses from the field.

“The thing I’m most proud of on our farm is how we treat the land. We fertilize based on need and timing and placement. Having a sustainable practice in place is extremely important.”

Grant Strom, 4R Farmer

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